Welcome to our new website Hoo-Doo7x7

The website presents the Hoo-doo7x7 game, precursor of Hoo - Doo sold Solitaire game to the United States from 1953.

Welcome to your new site from the game Hoo - Doo 7 x 7.
The Hoo-Doo7X7 game is available in french and English: for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and devices with Android, including phone and Tablet Samsung.
You will find all the information necessary for the game Hoo - Doo 7 x 7.
If you have any comments on the new site or the Hoo - Doo game 7 x 7 do not hesitate in our let know.

Play Hoo - Doo 7 x 7 every day will help you test your speed in the resolution of problems, and will help you maintain and improve your memory, dexterity and creativity because you have to find several solutions and not one solution.

How to buy the game puzzle hoo - doo7x7?

Go to App Store or Google Play and look for Hoo-Doo7x7. The price will be converted into money in your country, because this game is a world class. You must pay attention to the rules: do not put the same color on each line horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Every move is calculated in time and added in the statistics.

To download our game onand  

Memory and concentration

You'll have to remind you of your solutions to redo them, but with a better time.

In addition, the hoo-doo7x7 game requires you to your focus on the problem, and you forget your personal problems to the time you play. It helps to prevent stress, to change their minds.

Problem solving speed

When you begin to solve a problem, it is normal to start slowly. But when you find your first solution, after, you be faster and more efficient.

For other solutions, it will be the same. But try to be faster with all solutions found.


Find the first solution may be easy for you. Normally, people keep the same solution to solve a problem in general and they prefer the routine to creativity, as too risky.

With Hoo-Doo7x7 you can risk, because if the solution takes too much time, just stop the game and the statistics of the game will not be saved. No stress.