Hoodoo Informatique Believes In The Need For Games And Puzzles In Life To Improve Personality, Fun And Create Relationships.
Question n ° 1
Whence Hoodoo?

Hoo - Doo was created by Maurice Jacques (father of Jacqueline Jacques, founder of Hoodoo Informatique) in 1950. The first game was created with wood blocks in a box 7 X 7, painted in the colours of the Rainbow, then on paper in version 8 x 8. Tryne Sales that Maurice Jacques had met in New York to produce the preferred form 8 X 8, more difficult. My father, Tryne Sales, and even myself to five years then tried to find the solution. My father wanted to call this 'Nightmare' game because he spent many nights to find the solution. Finally the computer that was in its infancy has found solutions, but with a zero only '. Trynes Sales decide to call the Hoo - Doo game and to produce it and sell it to the United States. This is why the game was sold with Dummies '. A reward was even offered if a player was the game without Dummies.

Just before dying, he asked his daughter to do something with this game.

Jacqueline Jacques decides to develop the game on software, but starting with 7 X 7 tokens, because the software allows several solutions without transparent tokens. This game is the first in the history of hoo - doo and simpler, while having fun and causing the speed of the brain. It is done in less than a minute. Launched online in 2012 and a new version in 2014: hoo-doo7x7. It is also available on App Store and Google Play.

Question N ° 2
Where is it sold?

All over the world through App Store and GooglePlay.

To download our game Hoo-doo7x7 on: and  

Question N ° 3
What improvements of personality will give to play Hoo - Doo?

You will see if you are the kind of person to always do the first solution found and hesitate to find others, if this is the case, try to keep a time to find a new solution even if it takes more than time.

Another important thing, it helps to prevent stress and have a more relaxed personality.


If you feel obscede by a question or a personal problem, stop and play hoo-doo7X7...

Make your favorite quick, solution and still faster, for you romp about focusing. Play a few parties depending on the time you have. This will improve your time and do a bit of the effect of meditation, forget about your problems, and to return more shaped.