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Brain training

The brain does to 10 or 12% of its capacity. We pianotons on a keyboard while we could compose symphonies. The brain power is immense, the quantity of of grey matter is not, contrary to popular feedback, fixed in advance and does diminish in no way with time, we can push our intellectual capacity and our memory, a little as putting boots seven leagues, to go faster and farther.You can do on oneself and others by the power of thought and concentration.

Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, taken from his book:
The best medication it is you, Éditions Albin-Michel. 2013

Maintenance and improvement of the brain

It is therefore cause his brain to be shaped and improves rather than deteriorate. Apathy and routine brain to stimulate and improve and may lead to degenerative diseases of the brain. Several studies prove it. If we do new exercises for the brain, new areas of neurons can grow whatever the age. Hoo-Doo7x7 gives you this ability. Indeed, there are several solutions to find using tokens void, it calculates the speed in tenths of seconds, and there is a history in the statistics.

Make you a custom program.

It is necessary to vary: mix the tokens at the start, put numbers on the tokens, only play with the colors, remember your solutions (make a backup of the colors, numbers or path traversed) to redo them faster etc.

Then you can play with the other hand (left if you are right-handed and the right if you are left-handed). This is proven by neurological studies that it will develop new neurons because zone rarely used. This will give you new possibilities.

Therefore, you get a daily program and see your improvement !

Jacqueline Jacques
Daughter of Maurice Jacques, the creator of Hoo - Doo
Designer of Hoo - Doo 7 x 7 in gaming software.


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Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, taken from his book:

The best medication it is you !


Jacqueline Jacques